Mission Formation

Learn about the many mission-related programs and support opportunities the JSN provides, in particular with regard to engaging in the Spiritual Exercises.

Mission Formation


The Colloquium on Ignatian Education is a triennial meeting of Ignatian educators focusing on a pertinent current issue in Jesuit secondary education. The Colloquium, as so named, offers Ignatian educators a chance to engage in meaningful conversation about a variety of issues in Jesuit secondary education. An essential component to the Colloquium are the Ignatian Inquiry Sessions, where Ignatian educators have the opportunity to present effective teaching methodologies and outstanding programs to fellow educators.

2019 Colloquium Resources


Two YouTube playlists have been created in the wake of our 2019 Colloquium:

  1. Playlist of livestreamed and recorded content from the event
  2. Playlist of School Communities videos submitted by students

Ignatian Inquiry Materials

We have created document libraries for each of the three Ignatian Inquiry session blocks at Colloquium.


Colloquium Title



Building Communities of Justice & Hope


Loyola University – Chicago

Live Wisely. Think Deeply. Love Generously.


Xavier University

A Fire That Kindles Other Fires: the Profile of an Ignatian Educator


Saint Louis University

Jesuit Mission: Sent to the Frontiers


Santa Clara University

Ignatian Ways of Proceeding


Xavier University

2020 Vision for Cura Apostolica for Jesuit Schools


John Carroll University



Loyola Marymount University

The Challenge of the Magis for Jesuit Schools


Seattle University

Foundations for the Future


Loyola College


Inspired by Fr. Sosa’s renewed call for innovation and collaboration, the PASE and Associate PASE with the JSN Conference office staff are re-imagining our cycle of conference-wide cohort gatherings. Our primary goals remain clear: to facilitate high quality conference-wide gatherings that focus on what makes our Jesuit schools mission driven and distinct, and provide exceptional professional development opportunities with effective planning, logistics and communication.

To that end, in place of the prior sequence of specific role-based cohort meetings we have decided to move toward a broader, thematic structure of conference-wide Ignatian Colleagues Gatherings across a two-year cycle in the areas of academics, co-curricular and student life, leadership, mission and ministry, and school operations and support. There will be an overarching theme across the two-year cycle that will come from, for example, the Universal Apostolic Preferences, Rio action steps, or Ignatian pedagogical understandings.

We think this change will enhance mission orientation for our gatherings, promote greater inclusiveness for different school models, provide flexibility to focus more on the needs of the schools, involve more people (particularly teachers), support Province-level programs, and allow greater efficiency for staff planning and cost management.


ICG First Cycle – 2020-2022

Fall 2020 

  • Leadership (Presidents & Principals) 

  • Mission & Ministry

Spring 2021 

  • Co-Curricular & Student Life 

Fall 2021 

  • Leadership (Principals) 

  • School Support & Operations 

Spring 2022 

  • Academics